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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


KSE is conscious of its social responsibility as an enterprise, and makes every effort to protect personal information appropriately.


1. Collection and use of information


We will only collect private information after making clear the purpose of its collection. We will use the information properly, and not for anything other than the purposes stated.


2. Disclosure to 3rd parties


We will not disclose or pass along any private information we posses to any 3rd party without approval from the original provider, except when required to do so by law.


3. Information management


We manage personal information carefully and make every effort to prevent its loss, modification, and accidental disclosure. Furthermore, we review our data management system continuously to try to improve the system.


4. Observation of laws and regulations


We obey the laws and ordinances concerning the protection of private information, as well as any rules and guide lines provided by government offices.



KS Engineering Co., Ltd.
If you have any questions about your private information, contact us here.
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