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Meet engineering challenges with flexible, adaptable ideas

The automobile industry is advancing at a remarkable rate, changing moment by moment.At KS Engineering, the design and production of metal molds, and the creation of complete manufacturing lines are our main business.We take pride in our role at the core of this advancing industry.The desire and enthusiasm of each manufacturer shapes its activity and we keep working to use our technological capabilities and rich creativity to produce better products.Since our involvement in the field is long and the field is growing rapidly, we need to emphasize a flexible style to be able to deal with any challenge or change. In the future, we will put our technological capability, experience, and know how into each of our products using state-of-the-art facilities.
Adaptable,flexible/ideas Rise to the possibility/Reliable quality control

Company outline

Company name KS Engineering Co., Ltd.



628, Oaza Kumeda, Yoshimi Machi, Hiki Gun,
Saitama, 355-0153 Japan

Founded June 1, 1989
Capitalization 90 million yen
Lines of business Design, produce, and sale of metal molds for injection molding machines, manufacturing facilities for mass production items, metal molds for foam molding, metal molds for presses,die casting molds, as well as jig and tools.temporary personnel service.
Directors President Hiroyuki Kawada  
Director Haruo Kumazawa

Hiroyuki Makino

Nobuhiro Kawabata

Hiroshi Kageyama

Auditor Haruyuki Iida
Reference bank Mizuho Corporate Bank, Ltd., Main office
Saitama Resona Bank, Limited, Higashi Matsuyama branch.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Omiya branch.
Number of employees 231,as of April 2017
Headquarters building area Plant: 11,274 ㎡
Offices: 2,537 ㎡
Sales 4.5 billion yen in the fiscal term ending March, 2017
Major customers Calsonic Kansei Corporation
Affiliated corporations of Calsonic Kansei Corporation Inoac corporation
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd.
Nissan Creative Services Co., Ltd.
Nissan Trading Co., Ltd.
Universal Co., Ltd.
Iwano mold Co., Ltd.
Japan Plastics Technologies Co., Ltd.
Hino Motors, Ltd.
Major items produced Injection molding dies
Production facility equipment
Metal molds for form molding
Metal molds for press stamping
Jigs and tools
Gauges and meters



1987 CALTEC Co., Ltd. was established (selling items and manufacturing small equipment and jigs).
1988 Opened CALTEC Gunma sales office.
1989 KS Engineering Co., Ltd. was established (manufacturing metal molds, jigs, and tools).
1989 Opened CALTEC Atsugi sales office.
1991 Expanded the plant and office.
1991 Opened CALTEC Atsugi manufacturing site.
1992 Constructed and started operation of our CAD/CAM-DNC network.
1992 Opened CALTEC Oppama sales office.

Installed 850 ton forming press.

Started offering high-speed NC rough cutting using a contour outline processing method.
1994 Opened CALTEC Kushu sales office.

Started to expand and brought in new customers.

Upgraded our CAD system.
1995 Opened CALTEC Sano sales office.
1996 Constructed and started operation of intranet and internet systems.

Installed 1st high-speed CNC machining center.

Started direct engraving process on metal molds intended for making instrument panels.

Installed 2nd high-speed CNC machining center.

Installed a high-speed glossy-finish EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine).

Started long-term, continuous, unmanned operation using an angled head.
1998 Opened CALTEC Gunma manufacturing site.

Upgraded the 3-dimensional CAD system.

Installed a 4000 ton form press.

Installed a graphite electrode CNC processing machine.

Installed a CAE analyzing system.

Installed 1st high power CNC boring and milling machine.

Integrated the Machining division of Calsonic Kansei Corporation, and became New CALTEC.

Established a coherent system from development on through design, production, and sale of metal molds.

Installed a linear motor EDM.

Installed 3rd CNC high-speed machining center.

Installed 1st compact, high speed CNC machining center.
2003 Installed a high power CNC horizontal boring and milling machine.
2004 KS Engineering Co., Ltd. merged CALTEC Co., Ltd.

Brought all our facilities to the Yoshimi site and expanded the plant and office.

Installed the 4th and 5th high-speed CNC machining centers.

Installed a 2nd compact high-speed CNC machining center.

Installed a high-speed, glossy finish EDM (2nd Makino machine)

Installed a high-speed, glossy finish EDM (3rd Makino machine)

Installed a graphite electrode CNC processing machine (V56).

Updated the wire cut processing machine.

Installed a press.
 2007 Start of temporary staffing business
 2012 End of temporary staffing business
Start of contracting business
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