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Business Outline

Manufacturing facility operation

Creating manufacturing facilities that support the automobile industry

Effectively automate work processes such as assembling, forming, and welding parts. Supplying the means of production and necessary equipment is one of the major tasks of our manufacturing facility equipment business. After we consider the work flow of a customer's operation, we construct production lines and develop the required facilities they need.

We primarily supply assembly lines that make heat exchanger parts for radiators, processing lines for air intake and exhaust parts (including mufflers and catalytic converters), and for the automatic assembly and inspection lines for gauges.

Which processes will be automated, and where are check points assign? How can we improve efficiency and how do we save space? Is the cost appropriate? While considering various conditions and purposes, we also seek to enhance performance even more.

Put important components and modules, that are the result of a customer's research, in the manufacturing workplace. Keep them in the best condition, all the time. That is the mission of our manufacturing facility operation.
Flow of design and manufacturing steps
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