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Business Outline

Line of business

Fabricating metal molds and facilities that are basis for work at other manufacturing plants

We have two primary lines of business: creating metal molds and creating manufacturing facilities. We have been accumulating technology and experience for approximately 30 years, centered around automobile parts.

In our metal mold operation, we design and produce metal molds that are used for molding plastic products and press stamping large and small items. The facility operation develops and produces various lines of manufacturing equipment. This includes assembling, shaping and welding production lines, as well as designing and producing various types of cutters.

By installing state-of-the-art facilities, and updating our administrative facilities (for example by constructing a network), we offer effective and highly competitive services.

Also, we have lots of experience in designing and producing jigs and other tools used for manufacturing. One of our strong features is our ability to make use of the advantages we have.
Examples of products made using metal molds manufactured by KSE.


Examples of products made using manufacturing facilities created by KSE.


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